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  3. Watching old ladies watch toddlers in the airport. All observed mannerisms and emotions are completely foreign. Observing further, mostly because my phone is dying.

  4. Off to the land of the Vikings.

  5. Dealing with this interviewer would be the worst.

  6. bikesandfun:

    Ray George

    I really need to paint the inside of that ramp.

  7. I find that when I get done taking a break from my favorite stimulants, portion control and moderation tend to go out the window for a bit. It might just be better to go slow and steady. 

    So heres some Rory.

  8. gearculture:

    Collapsible Tool Trolley

    This German-made Collapsible Tool Trolley is easily transportable and lockable, ideal for stashing your tools and accessories.

  9. Nico man… Your scaring me bud. See you in a few weeks. #whenRacersBuildJumps